We, at Elite Homes, feel that communication with our client as well as sub–contractors and vendors is one of the most important aspects of building a home. We feel the lines of communication need to be open at all times between all parties. We insist on precise and accurate understanding of what the work entails with our sub–contractors. We have the assurance that it they aren’t clear on an item, they will seek clarification.

  • Selection Workbook –
    We provide each client with a selection workbook personalized for their home. This workbook helps to stay organized and on task while making product selections. As you are making selections, the workbook gives vendor information for each product that needs to be selected. The workbook saves time and reduces hassle by providing all the tools needed to make those important decisions.
  • Time Line –
    Our clients are provided with a building time line. We have found that many clients are not always knowledgeable about the building process as far as “what happens next”. The time line gives the estimated length of time that each building step is expected to take as well as providing a reference to upcoming selections that need to be made.
  • Weekly Updates –
    Each client receives a weekly update on Monday morning to let them know what to expect at their building site for the week. The client is also reminded of any upcoming selections that need to be completed.
  • Site Meetings –
    Regular interaction and walk-through meetings throughout the building process helps to ensure that complete satisfaction with all facets of the project are met. We believe that any questions and concerns need to be addressed sooner than later.
  • Decorator Service –
    If clients would like to have an interior decorator assist with selections, Elite Homes can easily make arrangements for a reputable decorator to assist in selections. It is best for this service to be included from the beginning of construction. It is also good to know that all of our vendors have very knowledgeable sales staff to assist with selections.