Customer Care

We, at Elite Homes, feel that the experience of building a new home should be a fun and exciting time. We have heard building “horror” stories and believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. Our clients have our commitment that their experience with Elite Homes will be welcomed. We back our commitment by taking the necessary steps to assure that happens. From the initial meeting to the day that they are handed the keys to the front door and beyond, Elite Homes’ customer service will be exemplary.

  • Detailed Checklist –
    Elite Homes feels it is important for our clients to know that their home goes through a final checklist containing over 700 items prior to their move–in. We do not want to leave any item unattended. We are committed to excellence as we know our clients expect it.
  • Home Orientation –
    A home orientation is held prior to handing you the keys to your new home. The orientation gives hands–on instructions for operational features of the home such as appliances, mechanicals, plumbing and electrical. The manuals to all equipment are included in your home owner’s manual for easy reference.
  • Home Owner’s Manual –
    Each client is provided with an owner’s manual for their home. The manual includes literature and warranties for products installed in the home. A product selection sheet is also included. This listing gives exact information for products installed. This information can be very useful for regular maintenance in following years.
  • Quality Control –
    A final walk–through is essential prior to completion of the home. Our sub–contractors are eager to quickly respond to any concerns that our client might have.
  • Integrity –
    We design and build homes because we love the industry. We strive to answer the needs of our clients with unique and unusual yet functional ideas. We insist that every portion of the building process is as close to perfect as possible. We take pride in every detail of every home. It bears our name. Elite Homes is committed to:
    • Providing an incredibly clear picture of exactly what you are buying
    • Insures that all parties understand and meet their task deadlines
    • Includes a well–defined and easy to follow process for completing your home on time and on budget